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About Us

The Boston Customs Brokers & Freight Forwarders Association (BCBFFA) was founded in 1942 to assist import/export service providers trying to cope with logistics issues during a very difficult period in our history. This industry partnership continues today with the Association providing hands-on advocacy to the membership.

Mission Statement

The BCBFFA protects and furthers the business interests of Customs Brokers & Freight Forwarders in the Port of Boston; maintains a standard of integrity and efficiency to protect clients and the Government in the fair;reasonable, and equitable administration of import/export laws and regulations; coordinates educational opportunities to promote growth in this profession; and fosters cooperation and good fellowship amongst the membership of the Association

Association Activites

The BCBFFA meets ever six to eight weeks with senior CBP and PGA management to resolve any matters pertaining to trade issues in the Port of Boston. This meeting is open, with prior notification to the Board of Directors, to any member of the Assocation. The Association conducts educational workshops and seminars designed to provide professional development in the brokerage and forwarding service industry. 


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President - Michelle Francis

Vice President - Christine 

Secretary - Maria Cimino

Counsel - Paula Connelly


Franco Gruitt

Holly DiMambro

Laura Mullin

Patrick Wyndham

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